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Dignity in Dying #UntilTheEnd

Posted on Jul 10, 2014 in Advertisers, Case Study, Featured Client, Our Blog

The Dignity in Dying campaign want to build support for the Assisted Dying Bill for the issue to be fully debated in the House of Commons. MessageSpace helped publicise their message to MPs by running an advertising campaign on our network of political blogs – across the political spectrum – which are the most widely read by MPs, we also drove traffic via social media to their website where supporters could email politicians to show their support for the...

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“No Prime Minister!” Plain Packaging Protest

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 in Case Study, Our Blog

  Campaigners against standardised packaging of tobacco launched an online advertising campaign against the policy via Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat associated websites. The “No, Prime Minister” campaign was created by the smokers’ group Forest which runs the Hands Off Our Packs campaign. It features a letter that opponents of plain packaging can send to David Cameron in Downing Street. According to the letter there is no credible evidence that children start smoking because of packaging, or that plain packaging will deter children from smoking. The letter calls on David Cameron to wait until government has studied the impact of the tobacco display ban, which will not be fully implemented until 2015, and the introduction of larger health warnings which are being introduced in 2016 as part of the EU’s revised Tobacco Products Directive. Simon Clark, director of Forest, said, “Plain packaging is yet another attack on retailers and adult consumers. People are sick of being nannied by government. Britain needs to be protected from excessive regulation, not controlled by more and more legislation. “A four-month government consultation resulted in over 665,000 responses with a substantial majority, 427,888, opposed to the policy. We urge the prime minister to respect the outcome of that consultation which members of the public...

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SMOGs* Are Easy To Make

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 in Case Study, Our Blog

"Did you update the Twitter?" "Yes boss" "And is our new million-pound-a-year star prominent on it?" "Eh…" @GMB — MessageSpace (@MessageSpace) April 28, 2014 *Social Media Own...

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NatWest Computer Crash Social Media Backlash

Posted on Jun 23, 2012 in Case Study, Our Blog, Viral Seeding

For four days since Wednesday, NatWest customers haven’t been able to withdraw money from ATMs, use online banking or make payments. One customer couldn’t go out on Friday night, this video is his response, it has of course become a naturally viral video: Now when corporations have a crisis they have to deal with more than just a Twitter storm. Video virals can hurt their reputation as...

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British Airways “London Calling” Olympic Campaign Lyric Hits SMOG*

Posted on Jun 16, 2012 in Case Study, Our Blog

British Airways have launched a teaser for their forthcoming Olympics campaign featuring Clash’s “London Calling” on Facebook. Clever or a SMOG (*Social Media Own Goal)? Well they are frantically deleting Facebook comments pointing out the apocalyptic lyrics featuring violence, floods, famine, police violence and the “engines stop running”. Perfect for nervous flyers to...

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With a Push from MessageSpace, ActionAid Goes Viral on YouTube

Posted on Dec 29, 2011 in Case Study, Corporate Songs, Featured Client, Our Blog, Viral Seeding

MessageSpace’s latest viral seeding initiative (on behalf of ActionAid) saw us scope out the web in South Africa, as ActionAid asked us to help promote the video and help send its message viral, during the period of the Durban Climate Conference. We leveraged our network’s readership in South Africa, and augmented our efforts with a media buy on South African online publications to get traction for the video. As can be seen, it was quickly the most viewed video in the YouTube non-profit channel and the second most viewed video in South Africa. Be sure to check the video out – it’s a simple message: The UN Climate Conference in Durban needs to support women farmers in order to tackle the growing global food crisis, and agriculture is being increasingly threatened by climate change.     We leveraged the MessageSpace network’s readership in South Africa plus an online media buy in South Africa to push the video out. It became the most watched video on YouTube in South Africa on the non-profit channel and the second most viewed video in South Africa during the period of the conference. If you are producing a campaign video, we can give it that extra push beyond what can be achieved by PR....

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