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Our network delivers millions of adverts every month to an audience that is politically engaged. Our sites offer readers everything from in-depth analysis, to up to the minute news and even the latest political gossip.

The sheer variety of sites on the network means that we reach all types of readers from all political persuasions. We influence the political debate and shape the arguments ahead of the mainstream media. Amongst the keenest readers are political insiders – including journalists -and surveys consistently show that more MPs read our sites than any of our rivals.

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Scale & Reach

With over 25 different websites in our network, we offer must-read content that appeals to different political audiences who have switched from print to online to keep up with the newsflow, policy analysis and gossip.

If you want to engage with Labour MPs and activists we have LabourList and Political Scrapbook, political insiders read Guido Fawkes to keep up with gossip, Government Ministers and activists pore over ConservativeHome daily, and print / broadcast journalists read Political Betting and UKPollingReport for trusted analysis and political intelligence reports.

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More for Less

We deliver more of the same politically engaged online readers as offered by New Statesman, Dods/PoliticsHome or TotalPolitics, and the published ratecards prove we deliver more readers at a lower cost.

Our hand-picked sites maintain your placements above-the-fold, which often translates into higher engagement rates.
We can help you push separate advertisements to the distinct audiences you need to reach, from party super-activists, to the influentials in the Houses of Parliament and across Whitehall, to Parliamentarians in Scotland or Brussels, or even just to Boris Johnson’s fans.

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MessageSpace should be proud of winning the digital war

against a legion of YES to AV supporters and the mighty Obama-winning Blue State Digital.
Matthew Elliott, campaign director NO to AV

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Our advertising campaign started running on all the MessageSpace sites just before noon on Monday.

An hour or so after lunch we got a call from DFID asking if we could set up a visit and briefing for the Secretary of State on our ‘Child Health Now’ campaign
World Vision UK

We sold 136 copies of our "Guilty Men" publication on the first day

of a week long advertising campaign on MessageSpace. The advertising campaign drove thousands of people to our website to buy the booklet, more than paying for itself. We are now printing  a second run.
Tim Knox, the Centre for Policy Studies.

MessageSpace drove the best click through rate

of all the suppliers used for Google’s advertising during the general election.
Essence Media

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We wanted this video targeted to the influentials

in South Africa — within a week MessageSpace delivered outstanding results.


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The advertising widget MessageSpace built for us pulls all our feeds and social media output into one ad

which we use to advertise to people who didn’t come to our website or events before. They were very easy to work with and the level of click-throughs the advertising has generated has been great.
Ruth Porter, Institute of Economic Affairs


Our network represents the best, high traffic and most influential news and current affairs websites in the UK.

Media Pack

We offer opportunities to reach an affluent, educated and influential audience, within the safe environment of the most noteworthy and high traffic news/politics and current affairs websites in the UK.



educated to a degree-level or higher


Parliament/Whitehall daily visits


media/broadcast daily visits


within the A/B social grades



own two or more homes


hold investment funds


are qualified professionals or senior management


hold non-asset investments worth over £250,000



have signed petitions


have written a letter to the Editor or called in to a live show


watch news videos/clips online


have written to, emailed or called a politician



advise/make decisions on
public sector procurement


advise/make decisions on budgetary control


advise/make decisions
on technology


have purchased goods
or services online

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News & Updates

We're constantly creating and innovating, testing and deploying. Come take a peek:

Geo-Targeting Fail by Yes for Scotland Campaign

Geo-Targeting Fail by Yes for Scotland Campaign

Fantastic use of the full screen by the Yes campaign in Scotland, emotional wrap-around imagery that the campaign has been using on street posters and in videos. The page is topped off with a conventional advertising banner. In the most popular paper in the country the day before the vote as part of an online [...]

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The Biggest Benefits Your Can Get From a Customer

The Biggest Benefits Your Can Get From a Customer

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