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The MessageSpace digital politics network is an exclusive, invite-only collection of the most influential news & current-affairs websites in the UK.


We influence the political debate and shape the arguments ahead of the mainstream media.
A combination of breaking news, smart analysis, and real-time gossip makes our sites a must-read not just for political insiders and decision makers but also the media covering them, business leaders impacted by their decisions, and civic-minded activists campaigning for a better tomorrow.

Digital Action

Replacing the analog world

Our award-winning sites play an important role in their respective political spheres and also within the wider public debate. They've swung elections, instigated parliamentary investigations and legislation, inspired populist movements and the mainstream grassroots, and most importantly, ignited vibrant debate. Cabinet ministers, peers, and MPs also frequently contribute to our sites.

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Unparalleled reach

From Whitehall and the mother of all Parliaments in Westminister to the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, from Brussels to the boardrooms in the City, readers turn to MessageSpace for information that powers their world. Ipsos MORI polling found that MessageSpace sites attract more MPs, more regularly than all other options, including each of the national newspapers. We leverage the reach of our sites to put your messages in front of key decision makers in Westminster and Whitehall; delivering impactful brand awareness, making sure you reach the people who matter.

1.5 MM Unique Visitors

Returning every month
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12 MM Page Views

Across the network
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30 MM Ad Impressions

Above-the-fold, premium placements
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Affluent Professionals

MessageSpace reaches an audience that tends to have profited from social mobility, rising property values and decent employment pensions.

Smart and Educated

As expected from an audience that is influential and highly engaged in public and civil affairs, MessageSpace site readers far exceed the typical UK adult in terms of education and graduate degree attainment.


Mature and Accomplished

With spending power, significant spheres of influence and loyalty opportunities that bring considerable revenue and powerful word-of-mouth potential, the MessageSpace segment is an audience worth engaging.

Trusted by advertisers and readers alike

MessageSpace drove the best click through rate of all the suppliers used for Google’s advertising during the general election

Essence Media,
Digital Media Buyers for Google Inc

Success Stories

the Spectator
Cancer Research
Communication Workers Union
The New European
Margaret Thatcher Centre
UK Chamber of Shipping
Federation of Small Business
Jaguar Land Rover
London City Airport
Gatwick Airport


We have developed a range of products & services over a period of 11 years to help advertisers effect change and influence select audiences.


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MessageSpace offers clients the ability to advertise to a qualified audience that is comprised of all the right people, reaching them at the right time, and in the right context, across all devices.

Advertorial & Native

Native format adverts allow you to get your messages into the editorial feeds of our sites, read by poltiical insiders, opinion-formers and decision-makers.



Reach an engaged fan base through sponsorship of events that attract political leaders and activists, or email newsletters with a subscriber base that exceeds industry open-rates, or through giveaway competitions that offer a unique experience for readers to engage with a client's brand.

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MessageSpace sites work with all standard IAB ad sizes & formats, including background wraps and native/advertorial posts.

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