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Political Advertising Network,
Agency & Consultancy

MessageSpace is a digital advertising, media-buying and political campaigning agency, started in 2006 as an innovative advertising network run by and for Britains top political bloggers.

Our sites offer readers must-read content, everything from in-depth analysis, to up to the minute news and even the latest political gossip that appeals to different political audiences. Our technology helps clients push separate advertisements to the distinct audiences they need to reach, from party super-activists and senior civil servants, to the influentials in the Houses of Parliament and across Whitehall, to Parliamentarians and advisors in Scotland and Brussels, or even just to Boris Johnson's fans.

MessageSpace has the capability to target campaigns by political affiliation, by geographic location, by TV region, even down to specific government departments or Parliaments. Reach the right people with the right message. Our publishers cover the political spectrum, as well as the public sector and are widely read by MPs, journalists and business leaders looking to stay up to date with news, current affairs and legislative changes.

Our advertising network represents the best, high traffic and most influential news/politics and current affairs websites in the UK. We work with these sites to help them earn revenue to sustain them and the important role they play in their political spheres, and also within the wider political debate.