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Our network delivers millions of adverts every month to an audience that is politically engaged. Our sites offer readers everything from in-depth analysis, to up to the minute news and even the latest political gossip.

The sheer variety of sites on the network means that we reach all types of readers from all political persuasions. We influence the political debate and shape the arguments ahead of the mainstream media. Amongst the keenest readers are political insiders – including journalists -and surveys consistently show that more MPs read our sites than any of our rivals.


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Complete List of All Our Sites

Website Monthly ad impressions Audience types
Guido Fawkes' blog
Political news that is consistently provocative - the press chases Guido's stories. Britain's #1 politics website. "Required daily reading" - David Cameron
Twitter: @guidofawkes, @mrharrycole, @wikiguido, @technoguido, @mediaguido
Over 2 million Labour, Conservative, LibDem, SNP, UKIP, Green, Other
Comprehensive, independent coverage of the UK Conservative Party
Twitter: @ConHome
Over 1 million Conservative, UKIP
UK Polling Report
The best resource for factual electoral/political analysis and polling, backed by respected YouGov polling analyst Andrew Wells.
Twitter: @anthonyjwells
Over 1 million Labour, Conservative, LibDem
Weekly magazine focused on political and current events
Twitter: @spectator
Over 2 million Labour, Conservative, LibDem, UKIP
All the news, opinion and campaign updates from Labour's biggest e-network.
Twitter: @labourlist
500k - 1 million Labour
Liberal Democrat Voice
Collaborative site for supporters of the Liberal Democrats (UK), runrnby senior Liberal Democrat advisers. Ready daily by the senior partyrnofficials and all news outlets
Twitter: @libdemvoice
250k - 500k LibDem, Green, Other
Political Betting
The best online resource for betting on politics - it’s the one site that can move an entire market on Betfair and all the other big guns in the span of seconds. Edited by TV betting pundit Mike Smithson.
Twitter: @MikeSmithsonPB
Over 1 million Labour, Conservative, LibDem, SNP, UKIP, Green, Other
Labour Uncut
Inside Labour politics
Twitter: @labouruncut
Under 100k Labour, LibDem, SNP, Other
Diplomat magazine
Founded in 1947, Diplomat magazine provides political commentary on world affairs and interviews with High Commissioners, Ambassadors, Prime Ministers and Presidents making it essential reading for the diplomatic, corporate and investment communities in Europe.
Twitter: @LondnDIPLOMAT
Under 100k Other
Left Foot Forward
A political blog for progressives. We provide evidence-based analysis on British politics, news and policy developments.
Twitter: @leftfootfwd
100k - 250k Labour, LibDem, SNP, Green
Standpoint Magazine
The Social Affairs Unit’s online offering, combining exciting design with bracing argument, provocative arts coverage and sparklingr ideas. Read by senior politicians from both sides of the aisle.
Twitter: @StandpointMag
250k - 500k Labour, Conservative, LibDem, SNP, UKIP, Green, Other
Mark Pack's blog
Mark Pack's blog about politics, history, media and technology
Twitter: @markpack
Under 100k LibDem, Other