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With a Push from MessageSpace, ActionAid Goes Viral on YouTube

Posted on Dec 29, 2011 in Case Study, Corporate Songs, Featured Client, Our Blog, Viral Seeding

MessageSpace’s latest viral seeding initiative (on behalf of ActionAid) saw us scope out the web in South Africa, as ActionAid asked us to help promote the video and help send its message viral, during the period of the Durban Climate Conference. We leveraged our network’s readership in South Africa, and augmented our efforts with a media buy on South African online publications to get traction for the video. As can be seen, it was quickly the most viewed video in the YouTube non-profit channel and the second most viewed video in South Africa. Be sure to check the video out – it’s a simple message: The UN Climate Conference in Durban needs to support women farmers in order to tackle the growing global food crisis, and agriculture is being increasingly threatened by climate change.     We leveraged the MessageSpace network’s readership in South Africa plus an online media buy in South Africa to push the video out. It became the most watched video on YouTube in South Africa on the non-profit channel and the second most viewed video in South Africa during the period of the conference. If you are producing a campaign video, we can give it that extra push beyond what can be achieved by PR....

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Sponsoring Netroots UK

Posted on Dec 20, 2010 in Corporate Songs, Our Blog

MessageSpace is pleased to be sponsoring Netroots UK which is bringing together hundreds of grassroots activists in central London for a day of workshops, discussions and networking activity in January. Register...

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EOS Online Media Limited Shareholdings

Posted on May 28, 2009 in Corporate Songs, Our Blog, Press Releases

Hilton & Hilton Limited is, as of May 27, 2009, no longer a shareholder in MessageSpace / EOS Online Media Limited.  Hilton and Hilton’s shareholding was purchased by the existing shareholders.  MessageSpace’s Managing Director Kelly Nightingale paid tribute to the original managing director “Alex Hilton was one of the original founders and the first managing director of the firm. Over the last three years we have grown from six blogs to forty blogs, branching out into video viral distribution and acting as a niche media buyer for savvy advertisers across the political spectrum.  It is a cliche in business to say of the departing that ‘he wants to be free to concentrate on other things’, in Alex’s case it really is true and he also wanted to be free of any perceived conflicts of interest.  We wish Alex well with his political career.” Background : EOS Online Media Limited trading as “MessageSpace” is a privately held firm established in July 2006. The advertising network reaches a broadsheet audience of a million unique readers and millions advertisements monthly. The firm places advertising with some 40 website publishers focused on current affairs and politics across the political spectrum. It has revenue sharing agreements with the majority of the top-ranked political blogs in...

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