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So How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Posted on Feb 25, 2009 in Our Blog, Press Releases

MessageSpace is the advertising network representing Britain’s leading bloggers and selling advertising on their behalf. 2009 is our third year in business and we have compiled some statistics which we hope will answer the perennial journalist’s question – “so how much do bloggers make”? During the fourth quarter of 2008 the numbers for bloggers represented by our advertising network broke down as follows: The single highest paid blogger had sales on average of £3,872 per month. The top 10% of bloggers had monthly sales averaging £2,861 in (Q4 ‘08) a rise of 64% from £1,741 last year (Q4 ’07). The middle 40% of bloggers had average monthly sales of £351. The remaining 50% had average monthly sales of £54. Jag Singh, MessageSpace’s CIO says “What the numbers show is that for our leading bloggers it is now possible to be a full-time professional. For the semi-professional bloggers it provides a few thousand pounds a year, earning them the enough for a family holiday. For the rest it certainly pays their internet bills and enough to upgrade to a new lap-top annually. “We doubled turnover last year and expect to grow this year despite the negative economic outlook. Advertising spend is shifting to digital new media and that includes non-traditional...

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It Was MessageSpace Wot Won It!

Posted on Dec 8, 2008 in Featured Client, Our Blog

Maybe not, but Kirsty Williams become Wales’ first female party leader after winning the Welsh Liberal Democrat leadership election. She was the only candidate to use online advertising, both on LibDem websites and on general political websites using geo-targeting. Geo-targeting meant that her adverts would only be seen in Wales. Was it decisive? Who knows. If it won her increased name recognition and an extra 176 votes then it was...

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Microsoft Rolls Out Year Long Blog Campaign to Reach Influentials

Posted on Sep 30, 2008 in Advertisers, Our Blog

We’re really pleased that, after a one month test campaign on the MessageSpace blog network, Microsoft will be advertising across the political blogosphere to reach “influentials” and decision makers for the next four quarters.  It is the biggest advertising campaign ever seen on British blogs and we think marks a coming of age. Mainstream corporate advertisers are waking up to the reach and influence of the blogs.  Blogs have attained a critical mass which will inevitably be attractive to advertisers.  Higher revenues will support higher quality writing and sustain the future growth of the...

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Hitmen Target Online Advertising

Posted on Jul 14, 2008 in Our Blog

The Sun newspaper reports that the police in Mexico City are investigating internet adverts posted by hitmen offering their services for as little as £3,000. One post on the website, which hosts free ads for people selling home appliances and renting flats, advertises the services of an “ex-military hitman” who describes himself as “professional and discreet”. The man promises a “job guaranteed in 10 days or less” and adds: “I have worked in Spain, only serious offers, $6,000. (£3,000)” Another of the ads, titled “Hitman – Killer for Hire,” reads: “Problems with a certain person? Want it taken care of? Write me. I am 100 percent professional and don’t charge in advance.” A police spokesman said authorities were taking the ads seriously, at a time when Mexican drug cartels and organised crime gangs are going ever more public with their tit-for-tat murders and leaving bodies and severed heads in streets. As yet MessageSpace has no plans to move into this interesting market.  As...

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