Help the Aged

“World of the Future”, May-June 2008

In an effort to influence the outcome of the Equalities Bill (2008), Help the Aged’s viral video campaign was aimed at politicians and influencers within political Britain. We seeded the viral via our network of news & current affairs websites, and this resulted in the video garnering more than 100,000 views on YouTube, in addition to being featured because of its near-exponential growth rate.

The Equalities Bill was finalised in June 2008, and Help The Aged successfully called on the Government to make age discrimination illegal and extend the public sector equality duty – which currently requires local authorities to promote equality between people of different race, gender and disability status – to include age so older people’s needs are taken into account in public ensure provisions equality for older people

Our service, which spanned multiple platforms harnessing the power of viral video, was able to support the ‘Just Equal Treatment’ campaign in successfully lobbying Government. Click here to learn more about our viral seeding services.

Help the Aged is the charity fighting to free disadvantaged older people in the UK and overseas from poverty, isolation, neglect and ageism. It campaigns to raise public awareness of the issues affecting older people and to bring about policy change. The Charity delivers a range of services: information and advice, home support and community living, including international development work. These are supported by its paid-for services and fundraising activities – which aim to increase funding in the future to respond to the growing unmet needs of disadvantaged older people. Help the Aged also funds vital research into the health issues and experiences of older people to improve the quality of later life.